What if asking a few questions could make hundreds of dollars online or maybe thousands? You are enjoying a pleasant sleep and your questions are creating wealth for you overnight!

Sounds awesome but seems to be daydreaming, right?

Well, It’s not a daydream! In fact, it’s proven, tested and benefited. I have been making hundreds of dollars every month asking a few questions. In this article, I will tell you how you can make hundreds of dollars online asking questions?

The answer is Quora Partner Program. Now, many of you guys would be wondering what is Quora Partner Program? Most of you people would be familiar with Quora! 

If not, no worries because I will cover everything in detail. So, let’s start.

What Is Quora?

People tend to ask a lot of random questions!

How long does a mosquito remain alive? Can one find a Coca-Cola on the Moon? What is the name of the color that we see when we close our eyes?

Whenever any question knocks your mind, probably you try finding it on the internet. Then Quora comes into play.

Quora is a popular platform where people ask and answer each other’s questions. Actually, it’s a great knowledge-sharing platform and I really love Quora.

You can connect with people all over the world, read and interact with their knowledge, thoughts etc. This is simply amazing.

How To Make Hundreds Of Dollars Online On Quora?

Now you are familiar with Quora! You will be surprised to know, you can make thousands of dollars on Quora every month. You might think either I am kidding or you haven’t read that right!

But what if I tell ‘you read that right.’ You can make hundreds of dollars online on Quora!

There are several ways to make hundreds of dollars online on Quora but those are not direct ways. And we will discuss those ideas in a different article later.

What I am about to tell is something you guys will love to know!

“You can make money by asking questions on Quora!”

Yes, you read that absolutely right. You can make money by asking questions on Quora!

In fact, people are making thousands of dollars every month just by asking questions on Quora.

Even I am make hundreds of dollars online every month by asking a few questions daily on Quora.

Isn’t it amazing?

make money on quora

Now you guys might wonder “How?”

The answer is the “Quora Partner Program (QPP).”


What Is Quora Partner Program?

Well, Quora Partner Program is a program that rewards members of the program for asking engaging, thoughtful questions on Quora.

This is the only direct and legit way to make money on Quora.

Top members are making thousands of dollars by asking questions on Quora.

You can do the same by asking questions on Quora once you are a member of Quora Partner Program.

Now, the question is-

How To Join Quora Partner Program?

You already got to know about Quora Partner Program. Now, you wanted to know “how to join Quora Partner Program” and make money. 

And that is pretty obvious because who doesn’t want to make money just by asking some questions daily!

Not to worry, I will tell you “how to join Quora Partner Program” and make money?

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In the beginning, Quora Partner Program was offered to the people residing in the USA only but now this is offered for the people of many more countries.

I am residing in India and making money by asking questions for 1+ years now. 

I know people living in different parts of the World including India, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and many other countries making money on Quora just by asking questions?

In fact, Quora Partner Program is now open for regional languages as well. I am from India and I am a member of this program for both Hindi and English languages. 

I am pretty sure, the program is open for almost all major languages of the world now.

Now, coming to your question “how to join Quora Partner Program?”

Well, the program is “invite-only” till date.

What I mean to say is Quora itself invites for joining this program.

As per Quora, QPP is an invite-only program as of now and there is no fixed way of entering this. Quora itself picks the Quoran’s for this program.

Another way is, you can get recommended by another Quora Partner so that Quora will analyse your profile and decide whether to invite you for the same(this is not always possible because I and most of the other Quora Partners were able to invite others months ago but not now). And non of us know the reason behind it.

As per Quora, they are planning to extend this program for each and everyone in the nearby future.

I will try to invite you all if I see that option again on my dashboard. Also, I will notify you if I get to know another way to join Quora Partner Program. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates directly in your inbox.

Also, there is nothing I did specifically to enter this program. But yeah, I am quite active on Quora.

However, I still don’t think invite is completely random. There should be some algorithm behind it.

I was invited by Quora to join this program on Jan 30, 2019.

Here is the screenshot of my invite.

Got A Quora Partner Invite! What Next?

The Quora Partner program pays you for the questions you ask. The money you are paid is based on the revenue generated from ads on your questions. Remember, Quora makes money from advertisements placed on question pages. 

Via Quora Partner Program, you get paid a percentage of the revenue generated from those pages if you’re in the partner program. 

When you’ve been invited to the Quora Partner program you’ll be presented with a link to the partner dashboard. Here, you can add more questions, track your earnings and see suggestions on topics and categories that require more questions. Also, you can go through the insights of most paid questions.

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What might be eye-catching your eyes on this screenshot is the weekly top earners. People who are making over $100s a week and nearly $300 a month- just by asking questions on Quora! If you can reach this level, that will be quite good as you can do this from the comfort of your home. 

But how likely you’ll be making this amount per week, per month? How much effort and time do you need to invest to reach this level? And how long are you likely to reap the benefit of the questions you’ve asked?

So, there are two types of questions you’ll earn money off.

The first type is a short-lived type of question. You can generate a viral source of traffic but the traffic will drop off after a couple of days or weeks. Usually, these questions are related to what’s going on in the real world right now- current affairs and those sorts of topics. 

These questions can generate traffic directly from Quora, as they have their own user system which is fed questions that might interest them. 

But as mentioned, the traffic from these questions will get reduced automatically after a couple of days or weeks.

The second type is the one that picks up organic traffic  (external traffic as referred by Quora). It comes from sources like Google(and other search engines), where search engines show your questions if someone asks in search results. 

Generally, these kinds of questions last longer as per my experience. These types of questions are definitely one of the best for making some money in the form of “passive income” as they will generate revenue for a longer period of time. 

However, you should keep in mind that Quora pays out revenue on questions for up to a year. Once your question is a year old, you’ll no longer get any revenue from it doesn’t matter if that question generates hundreds of dollars a month for Quora.

How Do I Earn Hundreds of Dollars Every Month On Quora Partner Program?

The ultimate question! Everyone wants to earn thousands of dollars sitting at home. The Quora Partner Program is getting competitive, and it is getting harder to earn thousands of dollars from it consistently. 

Unfortunately, Quora only shows you the total amount of money earned by Quora users as one lump sum. They don’t actually reveal detailed statistics on how many questions a month these Quora users are adding or how many of those questions earn over a certain amount. 

In my short time participating in the Quora Partner program, only some of my questions have earned over $10, with my highest earner being around $45 for a single question. It’s quite decent money for just asking questions when you’re bored, but what if you treated it as a regular job?

You should also notice that Quora traffic comes over time. You can’t expect to get paid in a day, because one of your questions may start getting google traffic after 2-3 months.

For some people, it might be a good way to make some money and for others, it might not be good enough. If you’re getting paid the same as if you were working in a hotel, shop or in retail, it might be a great alternative source of income. 

Being able to work from home for some and earning some bucks is a dream for many. Being a Quora Question expert isn’t the most glamorous job but if it pays decent, it’s worth it right?

If you’re a student or housewife and want to earn some cash, it might be a great way to so, especially if you just want some money for your own needs.

But what about the original question: How do you earn thousands of dollars a month from the Quora Partner Program? Can you really do so?

Yes, It’s possible. You just have to be dedicated to the program and make some research on the topics that are generating highest revenue to Quora. At the same time, you might want to be lucky enough. 

That means spending hours asking all sorts of questions that haven’t been asked before, making research on the internet and then hoping to get lucky that one of your questions gets much traffic and generate numerous amount of revenue to Quora. 

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to predict which questions will make you the most money. You won’t know until you try it yourself and analyze the trend. 

Most people don’t tend to dedicate hours to a program that could potentially earn them $0 or could earn them over $1000. But if you’ve got nothing to lose and have plenty of time, I would advise you to try it out and see if you can make it work.

All The Best!

Happy Earning!

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The Unheard Unicorn ♥

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