I believe you all wish to make money on Amazon. Perhaps, the most popular way is “To Become a Seller on Amazon.” If you’re concerned that you’ve missed a great a opportunity to make money that way, relax. It’s simply getting moving.

While there are a number of e-commerce companies like eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, Shopify offering to become a seller and make money, in my opinion Amazon is the best.

With a significant growth of 25% to 30% every year, Amazon is smashing its competitors like eBay who only record increase in the unmarried digits.

But what are you able to do to get a bit of the Amazon pie?

There are lots of amazing ways to make money on Amazon, but does every method work for everyone? A big NO. So, to help you find which method suits you best, in this article I will reveal 15 legit ways to make money on Amazon in 2020.

Take a cup of coffee with you and start reading this article in detail. Let’s begin!

1. Publish your own books to make money on Amazon KDP

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) you can publish and sell your very own books on the Kindle platform, and this is one of the best and most popular ways to make money on Amazon. I personally love this one as I have seen people making millions of dollars doing this.

This is not limited to eBooks; you can print paperback of your book too. Amazon’s CreateSpace prints on demand!

The more time and effort you put, the more name, fame and money you can earn. You might also want to hire someone do some job like designing a cover page etc. to make your book look professional.

How much money can I make publishing books on Amazon KDP?

There is no limits! I’ve heard people making as much as $30,000 every month. However, making this much amount every month is not a piece of cake.

Once you write the content, you don’t need to write it again!

2. Sell wholesale goods on Amazon

Similar to Private Label, you need to purchase bulk quantities of products to sell using Amazon’s FBA network.

But remember, you are promoting other companies’ products. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about other things such as production etc.

For numerous sellers, it’s one of the most popular ways to make money on Amazon.

How much money can I make on Amazon selling wholesale items?
Practically, Up to $3,000 in a month.
While wholesaling on Amazon has end up notoriously hard in the last few years, it’s still a top notch way to earn money.

But as per me, it’s a lot more competitive. You won’t be the only seller selling those products on Amazon. So, it can every now and then be a “race to the bottom” on expenses in which the most effective “lever” sellers should compete with each different is through decreasing their charge relative to their competitors.

Plus, the income is all inside the purchase. If you can’t purchase your goods for a low price, you won’t make enough money.

Still, you could–potentially–make a decent amount every month as a wholesale seller on Amazon.

3. Sell your personal private label merchandise on Amazon.

The first-rate way to make money on Amazon in 2020 continues to be through non-public label sales the use of Amazon’s Fulfilment-by-Amazon (or FBA) network.

Private label is a procedure of producing a pre-present item (preferably, with product improvements), placing your branding and symbols on it, and promoting it to consumers. Sometimes it’s referred to white-labelling or logo-creation. (The method has been around for years and is commonplace in endless retail stores; Target’s Mainstays brand and Walmart’s Great Value are examples of personal label brands.)

Thanks to FBA, Amazon is able to supply your products (typically in two days or fewer — what you possibly recognize as Amazon Prime). This is how e-commerce commercial enterprise owners—such as you and me— can listing goods on Amazon and make cash from the sales.

Amazon makes non-public labelling even easier way to some of advantages:

First, you may use a device like Jungle Scout — that is an all-in-one platform for promoting on Amazon — to estimate the income your product will make once it’s on Amazon.
Next, it’s easy to source and manufacture your products with the assist of platforms like Alibaba or Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database.
Finally, after you’ve created your product, you could sell it on Amazon the use of FBA. You don’t even ought to deliver your very own orders!

How much cash can I make promoting private label products on Amazon?
Approximately $625 to $1,875 consistent with month in step with product.
Consider that most sellers on Amazon sell products that result in one hundred to 300 income in step with month. The common third-birthday party product sells for $25 with a gross earnings margin of 25%. That provides up to $625 to $1,875 according to month in keeping with product.

Where can I learn extra approximately promoting personal label products on Amazon? If you need to learn greater approximately how to make money on Amazon with private label products, Jungle Scout gives a free path that will help you get started: How to promote on Amazon FBA for beginners.

4. Deliver items for Amazon.

Do you know that Amazon has its own delivery service? Yes, it has. And here is your opportunity, you can join service as a driver. You may get $10000 to get started too.

As a delivery drier, you will deliver packages to homes, retail locations and other delivery locations


By being flex driver you can earn approximately $90 – $125 per day.

The homepage of Amazon’s flex program suggests that as a driver you will get $18 – $25 per hour and your shift will be of five hours per day. If you can finish your job before time you are free to go too.


 If you are interested in the program and want to join it. So, you may be interested in learning more so that you can make money on Amazon. The
best place is itself their site. 

 5. Become a blogger

Are you passionate for blogging? Writing good content, posting videos, sharing your ideas or even recipes. Yes, you can earn money by following your passion by the help of Amazon.

Share this link and get a commission of 5% on every purchase using it. Have you tried it before? Well if not so, you must have heard it. Actually, this is basic idea here. All you need to be is a social media handsome or a blogger having at least not so bad reach.

This is how Amazon’s Associates program works. To get these money making special links to share, you need to sign up with Amazon associates affiliate program.


If your link gets a purchase, you will get a percentage of sale for sure.


Among all affiliate program Amazon Associates is the most popular one. Still though share on every product is low, ranging between 3% to 5% but number of links you get to share makeup for it. One negative side is that your reachability is most important factor. You must have good number of followers on social media or blog known to decent number of people. Otherwise making a lot in sales commission is a difficult task.


So, depending upon various factors, this money-making method varies greatly in terms of returns.


There are many online courses available on various platforms which teach you how to make money on Amazon as an affiliate. Some courses are available for free too, and make you learn from scratch.

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6. Flip store-bought products with retail arbitrage

You must have gone to retail markets to buy some items. Then you might have taken the benefit of different offers provided by them time to time. But have you ever thought how can you can earn money from it?

This money method is known as retail arbitrage. Idea is to buy offline items and sell it in Amazon. Actually, most of the beginners used to buy products on offers at retail markets like Walmart, Big Bazar etc. Then sell it online on Amazon and all the margin between the rates is all yours.


By this technique you can expect to earn between $200 to $1500 every month. Still it is not that easy, competition is very high and scaling is also very difficult. You have to act smartly and put a lot of efforts and times for searching good and cheap products on retail stores.

Still once you got the pace, you will be ended up on by earning a good amount of money.


If you liked the method, and want try it. You must learn more. To learn more just Google it and read some articles. You will get detail idea when and where to purchase and sell.

7. Buy on eBay to sell on Amazon (on line arbitrage).

Buying on low price and selling in high price. Sounds good!  But when it comes to doing it offline or retail arbitrage, it is a very hectic task. But here the idea is to do it online. Buy on one platform and sell on other and doing it online not that much lengthy. Since, in general cost of any product is comparatively a bit high on Amazon. So, you can purchase items from different e-commerce stores and sell it on Amazon.


Earning through this technique is highly competitive in nature and depends on various factors. Like – number of options
available, domain competition and scalability. 
Though it’s easier than retail arbitrage. Still you can expect an income of $250 to $500 per month.


If you to learn more about online arbitrage, you can easily get some worthy articles on internet. Simply Google it and you get it.

8. Work from home as an Amazon representative

One of the interesting facts about that Amazon is in the of the list among job
providers in the world. Right now, number of employees is about 700,000.

Obviously not everyone works at Amazon’s headquarter in Seattle, Washington.

In fact, you can work from home for Amazon as an Amazon representative.


If you manage to become to a full time representative, your earnings may
vary from $25000 to $35000 per year.

Mainly your income depends upon position you get to work.

If you say yes to Google, it suggests that mostly jobs offered are in data entry or customer service.

Adding to the points Amazon guarantees a minimum wage of $15. So, it is definitely the minimum amount you will get for sure.


You can find some jobs listen on Amazon’s career portal or on leading job portals. 

9. Join the Mechanical Turk program.

Amazon do outsource some of its tasks.

Mainly these tasks are in the field of research, data validation or participating in surveys. Amazon gave this program a funny name called Mechanical Turk (MTurk).


You can earn around $140 – $200 by working 20 to 25 hours every week.

In general, Mechanical Turk is considered as low maintenance program that’s why it pays a little ls less. Some online reports suggest that one can earn around $7 – $10 every hour by working in this program.


Learning to earn here is the same as it is in case of Flex program and jobs i.e. through Amazon itself.

10. Handcraft your own items to sell on Amazon through Amazon Handmade.

Are you creative? Got some art of handwork? If yes, then Amazon Handmade is the place for you.Just an invitation and Amazon Handmade allows you to promote your goods using their platform.Of course, the idea demands you to be creative. But if you are so, that’s definitely not enough. You need an exposure to promote your it and here comes the role of Amazon’s Handmade which offers your brand massive exposure. It provides large audience for your items.


Amazon brings a large number of audience and at the same time the platform charges higher cost compared to its competitor in market. Both the facts balance each other. You can assume to earn $30 – $35 per day.


The major part for this technique is creativity. If you are the one, then simply Google search for it. You will get some standard articles. Just go through it and you are ready to go.

11. Sell your own shirts, hats, coffee mugs and more through Merch by Amazon.

Interested in designing? Can you design t-shirts, hats or even a coffee mug? Yes, then Mech by Amazon is for you. No need to worry to produce your designed items. You need to just design the item and Merch permits you to upload your design on Amazon’s database. These designs will appear on shirts, coffee mug, tote bags, hats anything you want. Merch prints on demand. If a sale is made, Amazon will produce the item, sells it and you get your share.


The technique varies greatly in terms of return.But if you agree to experts then assume to get $1.50 per product listed on the platform.Negative side is that total number of designs to be shown on the platform at a time is restricted to fifty per individual.


At Merchantpreneur there is good team to handle Merch. Providing reasonable expectations and realistic number. At the end it depends upon your hard work.

12. Trade in unwanted items with Amazon’s Trade-In program.

Amazon’s Trade allows us to exchange undesirable item for Amazon credits. So, this is definitely directly not a technique to earn money but indirectly it is.You can exchange your old books, gadgets and many more things.


Again, the answer is varying in nature.It mainly depends upon how smartly you make the deal.In general, you get about 30% of the retail price. But, wait it’s not that easy. Amazon is very selective in trading. As every deal demand its benefit, likewise Amazon always looks for products having high demands and low supply. So, you can get a deal for “Cracking the coding interview” but not for “Data Structure using C”. Oh! If you are not aware these two are the books for computer science graduate. And one more important thing, good condition of the item for exchanging is must.


Well, want to know more about it. The best resource is itself Amazon’s Trade program homepage.

13. Offer your services through Amazon Services.

So, you provide service but lacks the target audience. Then Amazon Services is for you.Actually, Amazon is no longer limited to e-commerce. It is making its way in gig economy. Are you electrician, Music teacher, plumber, care taker or any other service provider? Amazon’s Services connect you with your customer.


Again, a varying money-making method in its returns.In this particular field the only factor is you or more precisely your efforts. As much as you want and as much as you want. From zero to hero. It is highly competitive in nature and requires your determination.


The best place to learn more about its homepage. You need to make an application too for it. You will get the form on the same page. 

14. Do seasonal work for Amazon with CamperForce.

Did you recognize that Amazon has a force of full-time RVers who help with seasonal rushes?

It’s referred to as Camper Force, and it brings collectively a community of enthusiastic RV-ers. Long tale short, you could pressure across the country, work a quick job in an Amazon warehouse, get paid, after which head on your subsequent RV vacation destination.

As a CamperForce associate, you’ll have the ability to choose your assignment(s) based totally on your availability, and from quite a few locations. As for responsibilities, they fall into the kinds of picking, packing, stowing, and receiving.


How much cash can I make as an Amazon CamperForce associate?
Around $six hundred in keeping with week, as a full-time seasonal associate.
All of Amazon’s warehouse friends earn a minimum of $15 in keeping with hour. But for CamperForce workers, Amazon also will pay for RV campsites.

And because they’re Amazon employees, CamperForce friends gain from Amazon’s 401k, health insurance, and different bonuses too.


How can I learn how to make cash on Amazon as a CamperForce associate?
Amazon’s CamperForce homepage tells you the entirety you need to recognize about the program: Amazon CamperForce.

15. Work in one of Amazon’s fulfilment / distribution centres.

The technique which is not in the lime light. Working in Amazon’s massive distribution centres. All you need to do is to pick, pack store and ship the products for Amazon and its first to third party.


If you become a full time then expect to earn around $30000 per year. Generally, employers working in Amazon’s warehouse get guarantee of getting minimum wage if $15 per day. You can also expect some other benefits from the organization as a perk.


To apply for the and job and learn more about Amazon’s warehouse associate roles you must visit page on its website.

I wish you had a good time while reading this article. It covered almost all possible ways to earn money on Amazon and its platforms in detail. If you feel we missed something or have any doubt, kindly let us know by commenting below.Till then Happy Reading! And remember “The more you learn the more you earn.”For more such articles subscribe to our newsletter.

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