People often talk about hard-earned money. You might notice your parents telling you how difficult it is to earn money?

But imagine a situation while you are sleeping and your account is getting credited with a handsome amount of money.

Looks daydreaming?

Well, I assure you it’s not!

People are actually making this dream true with the Mall91 app.

And guess what?

You don’t need to invest a single rupee?

Doubt my words?

I will tell you how to do that in an easy step by step manner in the next few minutes

You don’t even need a PC/Laptop.

All you need is a smartphone and an active internet connection that you already have!

Whenever it comes to money-making apps, people tend to doubt the credibility of the app, and that’s pretty obvious because the internet is full of scams.

Mall91 app download link.

What Is Mall91 App?

If you are listening about Mall91 app for the first time you might have a number of questions such as – 

What is the Mall91 app?

Is Mall91 app Real or fake?

Is safe?

How to make money on the Mall91 app?

How does the Mall91 app work?

And much more...

mall91 app download

Mall 91 is a Social Commerce Platform. You experience the joy of Shopping, Gaming, Video, Chating, and many other features on a single app i.e. Mall91 app. 

And the best thing?

There are several ways to make money on the Mall91 app.

There are several features in the Mall91 app including the latest feature that lets you earn money by placing this app in your mobile and locking it in your screen.

Mall91 is the best app to earn money and save money using your WhatsApp social groups and free time!

Just use your unique referral code and earn per referral!!

1. Refer your friends and family and build your network – earn per referral – you get a share of their earnings as well!

2. Simply share Mall products on your WhatsApp groups. Earn per sale as more friends and contacts buy!

3. Community Buying on Mall91 – earns you lot of commission – just take orders from your family, neighborhood or customers, and earn commission for fulfilling minimum orders

4. Group Buying on Mall91 – cheapest price on every product on Mall91 – complete the order at your pin code and share it with friends – when minimum people complete purchase, everyone gets the product at the cheapest price!

5. Shopping Entertainment on Mall91 – play daily super entertainment shopping contest and win products. Invite friends to help cut the price, spin wheel to unlock special prices etc.

6. Post interesting videos, images and make followers – popular posts might get you lots of rewards from other users

7. The more active you are, the more MPoints you can earn. MPoints is our virtual currency which can be used to buy the best and cheapest products from Mall91.

and many more amazing experiences using our various mini-apps which would provide many utilities and value to your daily life!

Mall91 app download link.

In this article, I will tell you how some people are making more than 1 Lakh INR a month on the Mall91 app and how you can do the same.

Learn how to build passive income streams and make money from the comfort of your home, without spending a fortune so that you can live the life of your dreams!

How To Get Started With Mall91 App To Earn Maximum?

  • First of all, download and open the Mall91 app.
  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Register.
  • Enter the Referral Code NWTU67W below your mobile number while registering to GET RS 3 SIGNUP BONUS INSTANTLY.
  • Now verify your account using OTP and get started


Features Of Mall91 App

  1. Unique Products – Explore and buy the latest and unique products that are not easily available elsewhere. 
  2. Live Show of Your Favorite Products – Have you seen a live show of products on TV channels and YouTube? It’s very similar.
  3. Payment Methods –Paytm, UPI, Debit/Credit Card, and cash as well. 
  4.  Home Delivery – Get your favorite products delivered at your doorstep.
  5. Reasonable Price – Get quality products at a reasonable price.
  6. Daily Deals and Offers – A list of deals and offers daily.
  7. Share and Earn – Share your favorite products with loved ones and get a decent commission when they buy using your link.
  8. Daily withdrawals – You can withdraw your earned money daily. 

Mall91 app download link.

How To Make Money On Mall91 App?

The most awaited part of this blog post.

Actually, there are multiple ways to make money on the Mall91 app.

If you want to do Self Earning from Mall91, you can do that on mini-apps. But we are not gonna talk about that because the earning is very low compared to another method.

And that method is, REFER AND EARN.

Look at the table below to understand how it works?

Mall91 app download link.

mall91 app download

If your friend joins with your Referral Code, it is counted in Level 1 and if your friend makes his friend join with his referral code, it is counted in your Level 2 for you and in level 1 of your friend.

What does this mean?

It simply means that you both get benefitted at the same time. And this way it becomes a chain. Ultimately there is no limit on your earnings.

If 5 people join Mall91 using your referral code, you get 25 rupees every month as long as your friends remain active on the app.

This is how much you earn on different levels –

  • 5 rupees per friend  in level 1 
  • 2.50 rupees in level 2 
  • 1.25 rupees in level 3 
  • 1.00 rupees  in level 4
  • 0.75 paise in level 5 
  • 0.65 paise  in level 6
  • 0.50 paise  in level 7
  • 0.45 paise in level 8 
  • 0.41 paise in level 9 
  • 0.36 paise  in level 10
  • 0.33 paise in level 11 
  • 0.30 paise in level 12 
  • 0.27 paise  in level 13
  • 0.24 paise in level 14 
  • 0.22 paise in level 15 

Mall91 app download link.

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is. It can be a good earning source for you.

However, it’s best if you are a –

  1. Student 
  2. Retired employee
  3. Housewife

Everything is cool, but is it legit or a scam?

Let’s find out.

Why Run For Free When You Can GET PAID TO WALK.

Mall91 Company Details

Mall91 app is a product of Roviri Innovations Pvt Ltd and the company is registered with Govt of India.

At the time of writing this blog post, users are getting their payment and there is no complaint of any scam.

  2. Website address –
  3. Mobile App Name –MALL91
  4. Type of business –E-COMMERCE
  5. Company TAN Number –DELR35755G
  6. Company PAN Number –AAJCR6850P
  7. Company CIN Number –U74999DL2019FTC352045
  9. Company Email –
  10. Director of the company –NISHU MITTAL & NITIN GUPTA
  11. Mall91 Contact Number  –01143092005 Toll Free 

How To Withdraw Your Earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings through multiple channels such as Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer, etc.


As I already told, as of now the app looks genuine and is paying their users honestly as per their work. Even I have withdrawn my earnings from this app. 

It’s up to you now. You can see this as a great opportunity to earn in lakhs quite easily. Also, please note that you don’t have anything to lose because you don’t need to invest a single penny.

I recommend downloading this app and joining my team using my referral code NWTU67W to maximize your earnings.

If you find any difficulty while downloading or using this app, do let me know in the comments. I assure you all to respond to your queries.


I would like to hear from you, which of the online jobs you are going to choose for you and why?

Do let me know in the comments.

Also, if you need any help doing any online job or starting your own venture, feel free to drop a comment below.

I would love to help you out.

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