We all love travelling, eating and doing some other activities that make us happy. We all have some hobbies or stories that we want to share with others. But what if you get paid to share your thoughts, ideas, stories, interest, culture, art, excitements, food or anything that you love to share? Isn’t is amazing? Kiki Time app lets you do that.

Yes! There is an app called Kiki Time that pays you to share anything you wish. Be it a joke, story, idea, culture of your hometown or whatever, you will get paid on Kiki Time app to share.

Sounds good? That’s great!

Let’s dive into the topic then and help you earn money on Kiki Time, like I did. I recommended Kiki Time app to many of my friends after earning some bucks myself. They loved it and now they are making a good amount by doing what they love. Now, it’s your time to start earning on the Kiki Time app.

What is Kiki Time App?

As I am earning a good amount sharing what I love for last 4 months, I thought to tell you all about Kiki Time so that you too can earn. On Kiki Time app, you can write whatever you want. What I love the most about Kiki Time app is, there is no restriction of content or category. And the best thing? You will get paid for writing and sharing what you love.

The app is growing rapidly and gaining popularity among users. Although it has been a while since I posted something on Kiki Time, however I have already tried it and earned some bucks before recommending to you guys. Some of my friends are using Kiki Time and earning a decent amount consistently.


How To Make Money On The Kiki Time App?

Very simple! You just need to post whatever you want. As I told earlier, you can share stories, jokes, shayaris, etc. The app will pay you $3 just for signing up.

You can even share just an image without writing anything. So it’s very flexible and you can earn for whatever you share. Remember, whatever you share should be your own. Avoid copy paste and posting copyright contents.

You can create your own page as well just like Facebook and invite others to post on your page. Remember this is optional and not necessary. 

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How Much You Can Earn

It depends. You can get anything between $0.2 – $2 per post depending upon what you are posting. If you post an image without writing anything, you will get paid between $0.2 – $1 per post. And if you post an image and write a description of a good length(minimum 200 words), you can get paid up to $2 per post.

You can publish at most 1o posts in 24 hours.


How To Withdraw Your Earnings?

Once you reach the threshold which is $75, you can receive you payment via various channels.

  • The best option is PayPal.
  • Other means are Paytm, Credit/Debit cards, Bitcoins, Western Unions etc.

I highly recommend using PayPal for getting your payments as it is highly secured and flexible.

How To Make Most Of The Kiki Time App?

Patience and consistency. You should post regularly and have patience to reach the threshold. There will be times when you will think to quit because the threshold is far and you need more points to publish a new post. 

Learn to give fire to other’s post as it also gives you points to publish. Similarly your earning depend upon how much people have fired your post. So basically, it’s a give and take kind of thing. 

Try to collect as much points as you can by firing others’ posts and inviting friends. This will enable you to publish more and more posts.

I have told you everything you need. Now is the your turn. Let me know your opinion in the comments 

Md Danish Warsi

The Unheard Unicorn ♥

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