How to make money online? Can I make money on my smartphone? How to start a blog on a smartphone? Which are the best money making apps in India? Are money earning apps legit?

My inbox is filled with questions like this.

Here is the answer to each and every question listed above. 

But before that, here is a question for you.

Do you use your smartphone for calling only?

I bet, you don’t!

From capturing beautiful moments to perform financial transactions, you do everything on your smartphone, right?

But you might not know that there is numerous money making apps in India that can make money for you on your smartphone only!

Yes, and it’s not a joke.

If you are looking for the best money making apps in India, you are in the perfect place.

For those who don’t have access to a laptop/pc, money earning apps can be the best alternative than other ways to make money online.

Although there are 1000s of money earning apps in the Google Play store that claim to pay real money; however, only a few of them are legit and actually pay you. What I want to say is, it’s difficult to find genuine money making apps in India as well as globally.

After using 200+ money earning apps over the last few years, I have prepared a list of best money making apps in India that are genuine and worth your time.

In the next few minutes, you are about to know the best money making apps in India. You can use these money making apps to earn some extra cash in your free time.

You should mind that these money earning apps listed below won’t make you rich in most of the cases. But there is no harm in using these money making apps to earn a bit of extra cash while doing little to no work.

These money earning apps can be an efficient way to make some cash for students and housewife and everyone else interested

Sounds fair?

Let’s explore them one by one in detail.

1. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The first name in the list of top 30 best money making apps is Mobile Premier League (MPL).

MPL is an online gaming platform that offers a plethora of games – fantasy sports, Free Fire, Rummy, Poker, Chess, Quiz, Fruit Chop, 8 ball 3D Pool, Carrom, and more!

You can play and win real cash for playing your favorite mobile games. Sounds fun, right?

With MPL, you can play 40+ games including fantasy sports on your mobile to win great prizes.

MPL offers the ultimate gaming experience, which makes you want to play more & win more. Take your pick from adventure, action, sports & many other categories.

They have games like Rummy, Poker, Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Free Fire, Cricket, and Bubble Shooter. You are free to play games on the MPL app and make it to the top of the leaderboards.


You can also connect with your friends and see who the real winner is.

You also get a referral bonus for every referral you make. So this could be an additional way to earn from MPL.

MPL is the biggest gaming app in India based on the number of unity games, special tournaments, and formats.

One thing you should notice is, MPL is available only to people above 18 years of age. MPL is available in all states where permissible by extant law. Consequently, users located in some states may not be able to access our App or its contents. 

You can download the MPL PRO (apk) app from here for Android, while iOS users can get it from the Apple app store.

Reasons To Love MPL

  • This money making app allows you to earn money by playing games, Inviting friends and by predicting games. Not only cash, but you can also win Headphones, Vouchers, foreign trips, etc.
  • You can Withdraw your Winnings Instantly with
money making apps in India
  • Play over 40+ games on a single app including Free Fire.
  • 100% secure and legal.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Cashback offers.

2. App Browzer

AppBrowzer is another name in the list of the best money making apps in India.

But I don’t consider it as only a money-making app!


In this app, you can play games, order foods, read newspapers in your desired language, book flight tickets, cab, pay for recharge and bills, etc.

app browzer

This money making apps in India offers a lot of money-making options.

You can earn money by getting offers & rewards.

The easiest way to earn is by adding the app to your home screen. You actually get paid to add apps to your home screen. 

Isn’t it cool?

Apart from that ordering foods and paying bills, booking flights and cabs, inviting friends, etc on the App Browzer can also make you some money.

You get a scratch card up to Rs.99 for different activities. Just scratch the cards and get money into your wallet.

Yes, it’s that simple!

You can redeem your earnings to your bank account & UPI once you have Rs.200.

How To Get Upto Rs 99 Instantly:
  • Download and open the app from the given link.
  • Enter your mobile number, and register your account.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and you will see different options here.
  • Click the plus (+) sign below every app.
  • Now click on Add to Home Screen. Do it with a minimum of three apps.
  • Scratch the card that you get to earn up to INR 99.
Other ways to earn money from App Browzer-
  • Grab offers to earn some cash.
  • Invite friends.
  • Play games to earn more money.
  • Use utility services like recharge, bill payments etc.
Reasons to love App Browzer-
  • Shop from your favorite shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart much more without downloading them.

  • Pay bills using PayTM, book flights, taxi from Uber, hotels from booking, movies from BookMyShow, and more.

  • Express Apps for pretty much anything around you including restaurants, movies, events, businesses, hospitals.

  • Listen to your favorite DJ or music album instantly.

  • News and blogs from around the world.

  • Entertainment, Nightlife, Lifestyle, productivity, travel, and sports apps.

3. Meesho

The 3rd name in the list of the best money making apps in India is Meesho.

But what’s that? Let’s understand.

The concept of reselling (social commerce) is not a new one in some developed countries. However, online reselling has gained popularity in India in the last few years.

If you are thinking what is reselling?

Let’s say a reseller purchases products from a supplier and sells them to customers to make a profit. This concept is called reselling.

When it comes to reselling in India, Meesho is the first name that comes into mind. It is the most popular reselling app in India and that’s the reason why this money earning app is listed in my list of the best money making apps in India.

With a huge collection of products in different categories available at wholesale prices.

Once you have registered on the app as a reseller, you will be able to select the products you like and share them with your social network(via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc).

You will start receiving a few order requests for the products after which you can place the order.

This is a great way to start your own business without investing any money.

The amount of profit you earn will depend on your margin and your network. If we believe Meesho, resellers who are active on the platform make up to Rs.25000 a month through this app.

How To Earn Money Online With The Meesho App?

Just select a product that your Whatsapp and Facebook contacts will like and share the images with them. From products like Sarees, Kurtis, Dresses, Footwear to Accessories, Meesho offers a huge variety of products.

Earn commission on every product you sell, including extra incentives like cash bonuses on meeting sales targets.

Start Reselling In Three Simple Steps

1. Browse – Download the Meesho app and sign up. Continue to browse for several products at wholesale prices. You can also get a notification for new products with pictures and catalog details.

2. Share – Once you find a product you think you can sell, share it with your friends, family, and existing customer networks on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook and get orders in. With Meesho’s one-click share option, getting orders has never been easier.

3. Earn – Once the orders start pouring in, add the margin price or the commission to that of the price of the product, collect the payment from the customer, and place the order on their behalf. Meesho works on the basis of commissions that can be earned by adding a profit margin on every sale made from your account. Apart from the commissions, Meesho also offers weekly cash bonus rewards for the more orders you place.

4. Mall91

This is one of the best money making apps in India.

Do you wish to earn money online by working from your home, office, college, shop? Just by referring to friends/family!

Use your wallet earnings to buy the best and cheapest amazing products.

Mall91 is the best app to earn money and save money using your WhatsApp social groups and free time!

For a number of features, this online money making app is personally my favorite.

Just use your unique referral code and earn per referral!!

1. Refer your friends and family and build your network – earn per referral – you get a share of their earnings as well!

2. Simply share Mall products on your WhatsApp groups. Earn per sale as more friends and contacts buy!

3. Community Buying on Mall91 – earns you a lot of commission – just take orders from your family, neighborhood or customers, and earn a commission for fulfilling minimum orders

4. Group Buying on Mall91 – cheapest price on every product on Mall91 – complete the order at your pin code and share it with friends – when minimum people complete purchase, everyone gets the product at the cheapest price!

5. Shopping Entertainment on Mall91 – play daily super entertainment shopping contest and win products. Invite friends to help cut the price, spin wheel to unlock special prices, etc.

6. Post interesting videos, images and make followers – popular posts might get you lots of rewards from other users

7. The more active you are, the more MPoints you can earn. MPoints is our virtual currency which can be used to buy the best and cheapest products from Mall91.

This app can actually make you a billionaire within months!

Don’t believe my words?

This app actually works on the magic of compounding.

Look at the below image to know the earning potential of Mall91.

This is how much you earn if everyone adds just 5 members to the network!

Download the Mall91 app and use referral code NWTU67W to join my team and earn the maximum signup bonus instantly.

5. Futwork (Formerly Frapp)

The 5th name in the list of the best money making apps in India is Futwork.

Futwork is creating a new world of micro-work opportunities.

Futwork helps companies deploy gig workers on demand. on Futwork, companies can create projects and outsource tasks to our distributed workforce of gig workers.

This money earning app claim to help companies achieve business objectives across marketing, operations, research, sales, and other verticals across 1000+ cities.

At the same time, this money making app in India offers part-time projects, micro-tasks, and internships to the students to earn money.

Here is your opportunity to earn money on this money making apps in India 

  • Become a Futworker and apply for short term projects from companies.
  • Begin your professional journey and start earning money with your smartphone!
  • Find amazing and quick work from home opportunities that are of interest to you.
  • You can also look for internships from top companies and apply to be an intern for short durations.

On Futwork, Projects are short term gigs, missions, micro jobs, and part-time opportunities.

Find and apply for Projects from top companies around India and complete simple tasks on your phone, at your home, or in your locality to get rewarded!

Futworkers can earn cash, rewards are certificates on completing Projects.

Projects are like mini-internships that you can complete easily while building your skills.

Look for interesting projects from leading companies and gain valuable experience and learnings.
You can also earn internship certificates on Futwork!

Find all kinds of projects and internships that suit your requirement and work at your own time and convenience. You don’t need special skills or even a resume – simply start working from home and your smartphone.

Invest more time and use your skills to complete special projects and earn special rewards and higher cash payouts!

frapp is now futwork

The top companies of India are hiring gig workers via Futwork.

To earn more and more on this money making apps in India, join their workforce, and keep earning.

You can participate in various Projects and part-time jobs such as:
– Marketing
– Operations
– Sales
– Research
– Fieldwork
– Mystery audits
– Campus Ambassador opportunities
– Social Media Micro-influencer jobs

You can also find internships which are office internships, work from home, or work from campus (for students) from various companies to apply for.

As per the company claim, over 1 million students and young people of India have joined this online money making app called Futwork and participated in internships and projects from 3000+ companies.

Futwork was known as Frapp till June 2020.

6. Foap - Sell Your Photos For Cash

Are you a passionate photographer? Do you love clicking photos?

Why wait?

If yes, I have an awesome money making app for you people.

Foap is another name in the list of the best money making apps in India.

It a great way to turn your videos and pictures into dollars you can spend on buying better equipment and becoming even a better video and photographer.

Foap lets you turn your photos into money! Upload your photo collection and sell it to well-known brands all over the world.

Every time you sell a photo you get 50% of the commission. Every mission is rewarded with a prize starting at $50.


Key points-

* Sell your photos through Foap Market at

* Sell photos through Foap Missions to top brands

* Foap also distributes your content through partners, such as Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos!

* Create your own web portfolio for buyers to see your photos

* Explore beautiful photos from all around the world

* Get feedback on your photos from other Foapers

* Be part of an amazing and growing international community of photographers

* Upload photos straight from your phone

* Enjoy unlimited uploads

* Easy cashouts thanks to PayPal integration

* The best way to make money from what you love doing

7. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is one of the Best Money Making Apps in India.

Unlike apps like  Tiktok, Likee, Helo, and Hago play, Roz Dhan is an Indian app.

They do provide similar features and functionalities to these banned apps.

Similar to TiktokLikeeHeloHago play and Facebook, Roz Dhan is an entertainment app and like HeloMPLWinzo Gold and Hago play we also provide a whole selection of games to choose from; users can play these games and Earn Money i.e. Earn free Paytm cash from these free games.

Roz Dhan is one of the Best Money Earning Apps in India. You will get Rs.50 for free the first time after you log in to the app.

You can withdraw cash to your Paytm account after checking-in for 3 consecutive days.

Invite friends and win Rs. 6 per invited friend guaranteed. Also, you can get big cash rewards by inviting friends.

There are a lot of easy installation and questionnaire tasks. Each task has a big cash reward.

As long as you meet the task completion criteria, you can earn real money i.e. earn hundreds of Rupees in Paytm Cash every day.

Key Features: An Online Money Earning App which lets you Earn Paytm Cash

1) Best Money Earning App: You can earn unlimited money from the best money making apps in India – Roz Dhan

  • Complete tasks: There are a lot of money earning tasks in Roz Dhan. You can earn huge rewards by spending less than 10 minutes per day on the app
  • Play games: While the other game apps charges you to play games, Roz Dhan allows you to play games for free while being entertained and earning Paytm cash. We are a good alternative to the banned apps like HeloMPLWinzo Gold and Hago play and provide a vast selection of fun free games.
  • Survey and installation tasks: Complete survey questionnaires and simple tasks and earning hundreds of Rupees daily
  • Daily Horoscope: Check what fate has in store for you through our daily horoscope
  • News: Be updated on the latest happenings in the world

2) Cash withdrawal: Roz Dhan is a trusted Indian app on the Android store and has been used by more than 15 million users till date. To verify its money earning potential, please stay active on the app for 2 days and then get a chance to withdraw

3) Walk and Earn: Daily earn money by walking. Walk, Count your steps, and convert your steps to money. You can burn calories and at the same time you can get cash rewards

4) Visit Popular Sites: Through Roz Dhan, you can not only Win Real Paytm Cash but also access popular sites related to games, lottery, Jobs, Shopping, and many more. With Roz Dhan Money Earning App you can find everything you want in life

8. Userfeel - Get Paid For Usability Testing

The list of the best money making apps in India is incomplete without this app.

Userfeel provides remote usability testing on desktop, mobiles, and tablets. This app is used by the testers in order to record the usability test.

Usability testing is the easiest way to increase your website’s performance. It lets you see your website with your users’ eyes. Studies by the Norman Nielsen group show that investing 10% of your development budget on usability testing increases conversions by 83%.

Userfeel provides not only the platform and the apps for usability testing but a huge panel of thousands of multilingual testers from all over the world as well.

The app records the tester’s screen and voice as he performs the test and uploads the generated video back to the Userfeel server

Each test lasts 10-20 minutes and is completed with your home computer or smartphone.

You get paid $10 for each test. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Payoneer.

9. U Speak We Pay

This is the easiest online money making apps in India.

‘U Speak we Pay’ as the title suggests is an app where you get paid for speaking.

Just speak the sentences as they appear in the app and make money by working from home.

That’s how easy it is!! Guess what? We’ll even pay you for your referrals as well.

u speak we pay

What do you need to do?

1) Install the app
2) Choose your preferred language
3) Click on the Record button and speak the sentences as they appear
4) Click on the same button once done recording

Languages Available

(TAMIL, TELUGU, HINDI, ENGLISH are also available).

There hasn’t been an easier way to make money online. Speak sentences with the right pronunciation and get your accuracy score.

If you are looking for interactive ways to make some money, this is the right application for you. Work from home or while you have some free time to earn money every day!

Not just this, you can refer this application using your referral code and make your earnings unlimited.

You shall be paid for your recordings according to our pricing policy. The payment is subject to the quality of the recordings. Hence, make sure you do the recordings in a quiet place without any disturbances.

The payment criteria for those who only choose to refer and not record also remains the same.

You will get paid via Paytm once you have minimum INR25 in your account.

10. Hive Work

Here is the 10th name in the list of online money making apps in India.

Hive is the industry’s first full-stack AI company, offering solutions ranging from data labeling to model & application development.

They have built a technology & services platform to solve critical challenges facing enterprises, enabling every organization to do more with the power of AI.

You can join the team as a data labeling expert. They offer competitive compensation, flexible hours, and the ability to work anywhere you choose. Start earning today!

Simple tasks. Real money.

Hive Work allows talented, hard-working people to make extra money through small jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world at any time. Start earning from home today.

They use AI to turn data into actionable insights and help companies save tens of millions of dollars annually.

Tasks Available –

LOGO IDENTIFICATION (Detect logos in images and videos to monitor and monetize your visual content)
USER CONTENT FLAGGING (Automatically and quickly remove inappropriate content to keep your online communities safe and healthy)
BRAND SAFETY MONITORING (Ensure your advertisements aren’t displayed next to unsavory content)
RECEIPT PARSING (Identify key receipt information such as price, date, item name, and total cost)
AD IDENTIFICATION (Identify advertisements in video content to understand exposure of specific ad spots)
CONTEXTUAL AD DELIVERY (Automatically analyze video content to deliver highly relevant ad spots to viewers)
PLANOGRAM COMPLIANCE (Automatically identify misaligned products on retail displays)
MEETING TRANSCRIPTION (Automatically transcribe speeches, conversations, and meetings)

11. Clickworker

Earn money easily with your mobile phone, at home or on the go.

People from all over the world can become part of the Clickworker community. You simply log in through the app or on your PC, complete micro jobs, and quickly earn a little money on the side.

There’s a variety of available tasks:
Online research
App testing
Making audio and video recordings
Mystery photography/store visits
Writing and proofreading texts
Categorizing data
And many other micro-jobs…

There’s a lot to do, sometimes more, sometimes less! Checking in daily on the clickworker app is definitely worthwhile.

Becoming a clickworker is super easy:
1) Register online or on the app
2) Fill out your profile so we can learn some more about you
3) Get started with your first online jobs
4) To keep the work interesting and fun, you should ideally also take some of the tests to become qualified to work on additional jobs.
5) Have your earnings paid out weekly or monthly to your PayPal or transferred to your bank account.

Do you still have questions about this kind of work? Contact us directly or connect with us on various social media channels.

12. SB Answer - Surveys that Pay

This online money earning app lets you earn FREE gift cards faster by taking surveys with the SB Answer app.

SB Answer enables you to earn points called “SB” for answering surveys and for giving your feedback on local shopping visits.

As per the company claim, over 18 million members have already redeemed their SB for over $150 million in free gift cards!

The SB Answer app is the perfect way to extend your earning opportunities wherever you go.


Earn SB towards free gift cards by:
– Answering Surveys
– Telling us about yourself
– Daily Poll
– Visiting local retailers and answering surveys

Then redeem your SB for $3 – $25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks.

You explored the list of the best money making apps in India prepared by me as per my experience and opinion.

If you think I missed any app that deserves to be in the above list, do let me know in the comments.

Also do let me know which of the above app you gonna try in the comments section

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